Why Should I Enroll my Child

in a Theater Class?

Theater education has the power to make a huge impact towards the development of a child. Beginning at a very young age, theater encourages non-judgmental play, allowing a safe space to explore young imaginations

The Civic’s Jr. Academy is specifically designed for students in grades 2 through 8 who have expressed an interest in performance and are willing to fully engage in the arts. Students can enroll in individual academy classes or join the Civic Jr. Company for complete artistic training in the arts.




Click the individual classes for more info and to register:

Session 2  | Oct 15 - Dec 6  | Improv | Acting  | Ballet

Session 3  | Jan 14 - Feb 14 | Class List Available Soon

Session 4  | Feb 25 - Mar 28 | Class List Available Soon

Session 5  | Apr 15 - May 16  | Improv | Acting  | Ballet

Do you know a student who is destined for the spotlight? Sign up for the Jr. Company to get the best training at the best price!


We created the Company to train students to fully immerse and prepare the next generation of well-rounded actors. We provide in-depth classes in a variety of theatre arts, each taught by diverse instructors ranging from working professionals to award-winning educators.


Jr. Company level 1 • 2-5th Grade • MON. (4:30pm-7:30pm) & WED. (4:30pm-6:30pm)

Jr. Company level 2 • 6th-8th Grade • TUE. (5:00pm-8:00pm) & THU. (6:00pm-8:00pm)

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