WHERE: South Bend Civic Theatre, Warner Studio Theatre
WHEN: September 24 and 25, 7-9PM. Call backs on September 26.
SHOW DATES: November 30-December 15
DIRECTOR: Megan Chandler

It’s Christmas Eve, and a young newspaper reporter on the brink of being fired has been assigned a last-chance story about a typical family Christmas - his family’s Christmas. He goes home to his recently widowed mother, his crazy uncle, his eccentric grandmother, and his battling siblings and their neurotic spouses, who provide no shortage of material. When they learn that he’s writing an article with some very personal family information, the fruitcake hits the fan.

“From the first opening lines to the surprising joyous conclusion the entire audience was in almost constant laughter!” - Los Angeles Post-Examiner


CARL - (20’s/30’s) The middle brother. Grew up in the shadow of his older brother Michael, the doctor. Has a little inferiority complex brought on by Michael. He writes a column for the Minneapolis Star Tribune newspaper.

MOM - (50’s/60’s) Very nice. Always putting on a happy face, her goal is to keep the peace and get through the family event without incident. Mom’s husband, Carl (senior), died three years ago. She’s doing her best to get over the loss and keep everyone happy.

GRANDMA - (70’s/80’s) A real character. Grew up in a one-room house with ten brothers and sisters on a farm in northern North Dakota. Had a very tough life growing up. She is tough as nails, and wants everyone else to be, too.

MICHAEL - (20’s/30’s) The older brother. The doctor. A little nerdy. Wears a bow tie. The favorite son, at least at first. He’s a little self-absorbed, a little blind to what he needs to do to keep his marriage to Jill intact.

STACY - (20’s/30’s) The younger sister. Nice. Kind of a wholesome midwestern innocence. Overlooked, but not angry about it.

UNCLE BOB - (50’s/60’s) A partier. Fun-loving. Has an agenda. Everyone has a crazy Uncle Bob.

JILL - (20’s/30’s) Michael’s trophy wife. Emotional from being hormonal. Sometimes a little spacey. The only one who understands Grandma’s crazy sayings. Wants to make her marriage work with Michael if he can prove he loves her.
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Posted on August 01, 2018