AUDITIONS DATES: December 9 (5-7pm) and December 10 (6-8pm), South Bend Civic Theatre


Rehearsal schedule typically Monday-Thursday 6:30 - 9:30 and begin December 17th (with breaks for holidays).

Tony Kushner’s (Angels In America) powerful musical tells the story of Caroline, an African-American maid in Louisiana at the height of the Civil Rights Movement. An unlikely friendship develops between Caroline and her employer’s son, Noah, when she vows to keep any money she finds while doing his laundry. However, Noah and the additional money are not the only changes that will affect Caroline’s life.

Character Breakdown:

Caroline Thibodeaux- LEAD. African American female, mid thirties to 50s, powerful belting voice, strong presence

Emmie Thibodeaux- African American female, age 15 to young twenties, good singing voice, mezzo-soprano

Noah Gellman-Young caucasian Male, age 8 to 13, counter-tenor

Moon- African American, soprano

Dotty Moffett- Sassy female of color, age twenties, mezzo-soprano

Washing Machine- African American, mezzo-soprano

Rose Gellman- female Caucasian, mid twenties to mid-thirties, mezzo-soprano

Radio- 3 African American women, Supreme style singing

Stuart Gellman- Caucasian male, baritone

Jackie Thibodeaux- Young African American male, age 7 to 13, tenor

Joe Thibodeaux- young African American boy, age 7 to 13

Dryer- African american male, tenor

Bus- African American male, baritone

Grandpa Gellman- older caucasian male, baritone.

Grandma Gellman- older caucasian female, mezzo-soprano

Mr. Stopnik- caucasian male, baritone



Posted on October 22, 2018