Director: Richard Baxter
Performance Venue: Warner Theatre
Show Dates: September 6th-8th and 11th-15th

Synopsis: Mistaken identities, secrets, and blatant lies all play a role in this Restoration comedy. Dorante is incapable of telling the truth. Clinton is incapable of telling a lie. They are both in pursuit of women, who may or may not be who they think they are. All of these lies and misunderstandings eventually collide, leaving our heroes to navigate a tangled web of lies.

Note: the play is in verse (iambic pentameter) but the language is modern. The play is set in Paris in 1643.

Auditions: June 25th or June 26th, 5:00-7:00PM. Drop in at any time. Enter the front door of the Civic. Auditions are in the lobby. No need to bring anything prepared. Sides are provided at auditions.

Callbacks: June 27 from 5:00-7:00. Be there starting at 5:00 and plan to stay the whole time. Enter the front door of the Civic. Auditions are in the lobby.

Rehearsals: July 15th-25th and August 5th-8th, 12th-15th 19th-22nd, and 26th-31st. All rehearsals are 7:00-10:00.

Characters: All types, abilities, ethnicities are encouraged to audition!

Dorante: Newly arrived in Paris and eager for adventure. . .even if it is manufactured. He is described as “a rake who is caked in lace.” For this character, the truth is fluid, the future is bright and the consequences are ignored. Age range from 20-40.

Cliton: . . .is unable to lie. Eager for employment and eager to serve. Age range from 20-40

Lucrece: A lady of Paris: smart, perceptive, enigmatic. Friend to Clarice. Age range from 20-4

Clarice: A lady of Paris: friend to Lucrece, flirtatious, secretly engaged to Alcippe. Age range from 20-40.

Alcippe: short tempered, inclined to jealousy, and just a bit out of place in the world. He is secretly engaged to Clarice. Age range from 20-40.

Philiste: Alcippe’s best friend. Eager to help keep his friend calm. Age range from 20-40.

Geronte: Dorante’s father. He just wants to understand. . .which is a challenge with the son he has. Age range 40-60.

Isabelle: vivacious servant to Clarice. Age range from 20-40.*

Sabine: puritanical servant to Lucrece. Age range from 20-40.*

*(Isabelle and Sabine are played by the same actress.)

Posted on May 13, 2019