The South Bend Civic Theatre is committed to the health and safety of our audiences, artists, and staff. We will be following the latest recommendations from the State of Indiana, the City of South Bend, and the St. Joseph County Department of Health.

The following information has been distributed to all involved in upcoming productions at the CIVIC, but we also wanted to share it publicly for the sake of transparency. 


Cast and production team members must wear either a fabric mask or a plastic face shield at all times during rehearsals and performances on- or off-site.
A CIVIC fabric mask will be given to all cast and production team members.
It is the responsibility of each cast or production team member to bring this or another mask to rehearsals and performances. Additional CIVIC masks may be purchased for $10.
Plastic face shields will be provided for tech week and performances.
Face shields may be provided earlier for dance or vocal rehearsals.
Individual cast and production team members are responsible for the cleaning and maintenance of face shields.


Cast and production team members must adhere to social distancing of at least 6ft or as outlined by the St. Joseph County Department of Health.


Cast and production team members will have their temperature taken at arrival to the theatre or rehearsal space by their production’s Stage Manager or Assistant Stage Manager(s).
Anyone with a temperature over 99.5℉ (fever) will be sent home immediately. This will be logged as an incident report and noted in the rehearsal report.
Any individual with a recorded fever must be tested for COVID-19.
Proof of a negative result must be shown to the stage manager before the individual will be allowed to return to rehearsal.
In addition, any individual with a recorded fever must also go 72 hours without a 100-degree fever (without the use of fever reducing medication) before being allowed to return to rehearsal.


If any actor or production team member tests positive for COVID-19, the production will be cancelled. 
In addition, the Civic will be monitoring the data put out by the Harvard Global Health Institute, which provides a daily county-specific number of the percentage of new positive COVID-19 tests per 100,000 residents. This number is a 7-day rolling average. Every Monday, we will look at the St. Joseph County results or a weighted average if more than one cast member is from a different county. If this number is over ten, we will move to Zoom rehearsals for the next seven days. If the number is over ten the following Monday, the production will be cancelled.


ALL surfaces MUST be sanitized before and after EVERY rehearsal.
Production staff will sanitize all door handles to get into rehearsal space prior to rehearsal and after rehearsal.
Hand sanitizer spray, gel, and wipes will be available from the stage management team at every rehearsal.
In spaces within the Civic, housekeeping staff will be wiping down and sanitizing rooms between each rehearsal or performance.



Individuals not directly involved in the production are not allowed in the rehearsal room without prior approval from the director or stage manager.
A maximum of three outside visitors are allowed in the rehearsal space at one time.
Media and photographers will be allowed with prior written notice.
All visitors must comply with the rules and expectations detailed above.
Please visit for information on how to best prevent the virus’s spread.

Thank you for helping to keep us all safe.

-- SBCT Production Staff


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