Boeing Boeing Auditions

This 1960s French farce features self-styled Parisian playboy Bernard, who has multiple fiancées, each a beautiful airline hostess. All’s well until unexpected schedulechanges bring all three to Paris (and Bernard’s apartment) at the same time! Relive the days when air travel was still glamorous and the “jet set” were a notorious bunch.

The Civic will be holding auditions for BOEING BOEING on the following days and at the following locations and times:

November 26 and 27 at South Bend Civic Theatre, 6-10pm.

Directed by Alex Bobbs

Performances: January 19-28

Character Descriptions

Please note that references to specific nationalities only pertain to the characters' accents, costumes, and backstories. All ethnicities and races will be considered for all roles.

Bernard: A stylish, suave architect living in Paris. Bernard has 3 fiances and fanatically maintains a careful schedule so that none of them ever meet each other. Bernard is very confident, and considers stewardesses to be the perfect women.

Robert: Bernard's old college friend, a frequent traveler who hails from Wisconsin. Robert is a bit neurotic and easily flustered. At first he is shocked by Bernard's lifestyle, but he plays along in hopes of stealing one of Bernard's fiances.

Berthe: Bernard's long-suffering French housekeeper. Berthe is over-worked and underpaid, but maintains a strict loyalty and pride in her work, despite her sometimes sarcastic manner and heavy drinking.

Gloria: An American flight attendant for TWA, Gloria is a high-class New Yorker with a heavy interest in gender politics. Gloria is very proper and insists on things being done properly, but harbors her own scandalous secrets.

Gabriella: An Italian flight attendant, Gabriella is very stylish and concerned with her appearance. She may be the most devoted to Bernard, and wants to marry him as soon as possible.

Gretchen: A German flight attendant for Lufthtansa, Gretchen is implied to be physically larger than the other women. Gretchen is very boisterous and aggressive, and spends much of the play fending off advances from Robert.

Boeing Boeing Sides

Posted on November 02, 2017