South Bend Civic Theatre Academy and Classes

NOTICE! ALL CLASSES ARE POSTPONED ONE WEEK FROM THE LISTED START DATE! Makeup session will be scheduled during the remaining five weeks.

South Bend Civic Theatre prides ourselves on being a community inspired organization in everything we do. Our education program is just one great example of how we identify a growing need in our community and aspire to provide world-class instruction to those of all ages who seek creativity in their lives. For the past year, SBCT has been collecting your ideas, comments, concerns, and suggestions. We are pleased to announce exciting and new programming additions to our calendar for the 2017/18 season! We strive to be more flexible in the days and hours in which we offer classes, to have more continuity in the structure of the program, and, most importantly, to provide new and dynamic classes that will inspire every member of the family. This year is also the beginning of a brand new youth academy - an immersive year-long acting school for students in grades 2-12. This year will feature over twenty faculty members that are made up of working professionals, university instructors, a current teacher with Second City in Chicago, and contracted private coaches in both dance and voice. New workshops and classes are available to learn about the technical design areas in lighting and scenic design, as well as costume design and construction.  Our scholarship program, which is supported by the James Lewis Casaday and Sydney Pollack Scholarship as well as through the generous support of many patrons and local organizations, will provide financial assistance to our area youth as well as adults. This initiative holds true to our mission to provide theatre to EVERYONE no matter their age or economic background.

Join us for the inaugural year of the South Bend Civic Theatre Academy. Together lets create a more vibrant, curious, and compassionate community of tomorrow.



Josh Napierkowski

Get involved! One hour a week is all it takes.

Posted on October 04, 2017