Black Eagles

August 11-20

by Leslie Lee


Directed by Deb Swerman


America's first black fighter pilots, the Tuskegee airmen, are the central focus of this historical drama. As they battle opponents in the skies over Europe and among their fellow flyers back at base, we discover the bravery, humor and resilience that helped to change the fate of the world and the face of our nation.



Sergeant Steven Wilber
"I was introduced to this opportunity by the director of my church's drama ministry. I am intrigued with African-American history and it just so happened that it was military-based, as I am a currently serving military member."

David Smith
"Being  a military vet myself, I can relate to the ups and downs and social challenges that the Tuskegee Airmen went through.
They supported each other and their legacy is the story of the 'Black Eagles.'"


Elder Clarkie - Rev. Terrell A Jackson

Elder Nolan - Charles Payne

Elder Leon - David Smith

Genereal Lucas - Curt Goodrich

Clarkie - SSG Steven Wilbur

Roscoe - Ben Little

Nolan - Eric Ways

Buddy - Anderson Chimutu

Leon - Kenneth Taylor

Othel Delorean - Gammage

Pia - Mahaffa Thompson

Dave Whitson - Sam Matteson

Roy Truman - Tyler Miller


Director - Deb Swerman

Choreographer - Karen Pajor

Sound Design - Nathan Walz

Lighting Design - David Chudzynski

Costume Design - Don Willman/Lois Veen

Prop Master - Teri Szynski

Set Design - Sam Jones/David Chudzynski

Stage Manager - Lydia Moss

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