November 30-DEC 15

By Phil Olson
Directed by Megan Chandler

It’s Christmas Eve, and a young newspaper reporter on the brink of being fired has been assigned a last-chance story about a typical family Christmas - his family’s Christmas. He goes home to his recently widowed mother, his crazy uncle, his eccentric grandmother, and his battling siblings and their neurotic spouses, who provide no shortage of material. When they learn that he’s writing an article with some very personal family information, the fruitcake hits the fan.

“From the first opening lines to the surprising joyous conclusion the entire audience was in almost constant laughter!” - Los Angeles Post-Examiner


Uncle Bob Brad Mazick
Carl Andy Barzelli
Mom Susan Griffin
Grandma Barb Thomas
Jill Colleen Dabler
Stacy Brenda Gonzalez-Rodriguez
Michael Curt Goodrich, Jr.


1st Source Bank


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