APRIL 13-22
by Bob Carlton
Directed by Josh Napierkowski


Blast off! on a routine flight as part of Captain Tempest’s intergalactic crew, but beware of the mad scientist Dr. Prospero and his uncontrollable space monsters. Return to the Forbidden Planet is an award winning “Best Musical” sci-fi spoof that rockets Shakespeare’s beloved characters from page to space as they crash into the planet D’llyria. Prepare to dance in the aisles as you jump on board and boldly go where no Shakespearian character has gone before….

Come ROCK OUT! for the Civic’s Spring 2018 Theatre for Young Audiences (TYA) production of Return to the Forbidden Planet. Join the Civic’s Education Academy for an OUT OF THIS WORLD EXPERIENCE!

Joshua Napierkowski

Quinton McMutuary

Dr. Prospero - Leo McGreevy
FEMALE! Flight Officer - Madison Kopec
Captain Tempest - Ryan Downey
Miranda - Lucy Barron
Ariel-6000 - Shyanne Mitchell
Cookie - Lucas Boling
Boson- Andrew Lester
KitchenAide-3000 - Sean Lester

Flight Crew- Blake Allison, Owen Glassman, Jeremy Mische, Julia Nurenberg

Supreme Attendant - Sarah Wood
Flight Attendant - Jane Doppke, Isabela Maxwell, Tati Wilbert, Grace Peak, Colette Piwowar, Greta Neubauer, Amelia Zwart

Planettes -Lyza Kricheff, Molly Burnham, Anne Cummings 

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