by Sophocles
January 25-26
Battell Community Center Auditorium

Join the Civic Academy and Company for the 2019 TYA season-opening production of Antigone. Antigone is a timeless tragedy, ripped from the ancient pages of Sophocles, following the lineage of the Oedipus Rex family. A country ravaged by civil war and a young girl destroyed with grief by the death of her rivaling brothers. Forbidden by King Creon, her father-in-law, to bury the body of her brother, Antigone risks death to appease the will of the gods and break man’s law.

Directed by Joshua Napierkowski & Quinton McMutuary

Dramaturge by Eryn Pritchett 

Assistant Director: Brayden Allison


This production is not included in the "All-In" Season Ticket Package.

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