By Ray Bradbury
March 1st & 2nd
Warner Studio Theatre

Fahrenheit 451 takes us to a world where books are burned, ideas are feared, and firemen make fires. In this 24th century drama Guy Montag, a young fireman, enjoys his job of setting illegally-owned books and the homes of their owners on fire. But after seeing a woman willing to die for her books he begins to have an intense personal struggle about these books and what they might contain that is so dangerous. Written just after World War II, and in the same vein as Animal Farm and 1984, Fahrenheit 451 will thrill you and chill you.

Join the Civic Academy and Company for the 2019 TYA production of Fahrenheit 451.

Grace Lazarz

Helen/Bronte - Hannah Higgs-Coulthard
Beatty - Alex Higgs-Coulthard
Black/1st Paramedic/Dostoevski - Lydia Hall
Alice/Plato - Olivia Purcell
Mrs. Hudson/St. Exuperey - Lillyanna Robinson
Clarisse - Catalina Casarella
Faber/Tolstoy - Leo McGreevy
Holden/2nd Paramedic/Tolkein - Alicia Baker
Montag - Honora Whitmore
Mildred/Wilde - Kayleigh Steward
Aristotle - Jeremy Mische-Gibson
Melville - Crystal LeDuc
Robert Louis Stevenson - Josette Chandler

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