September 19, 7:30PM
Wilson Auditorium

No one sees a play from the same seat. No one remembers an argument the same way. And no one shares a story with the same memory in mind. So how do we recount these stories? What really is the truth? Truth goes beyond the facts; it is at the very core of the human experience and is continuously refined and redefined as we disclose our truths to one another. What is your truth, and how do you tell it?

Show Some Skin aims to tap into the truths that exists within each and every one of us. Every fall semester, members of the Notre Dame community are invited to expose their innermost truths with us, and every year we get closer and closer to understanding the very reality of our humanity through open and honest discussion and reflection. A reality that transcends quantitative values and statistics and, rather, is rooted in the complexities of our shared human experience.

Now in its ninth year, Show Some Skin seeks to extend its dialogue into the greater South Bend Community with a catalog of anonymously submitted monologues from productions’ past that still ring true at the turn of the decade. Show Some Skin: Hear Our Truth looks forward to sharing these powerful narratives again with the South Bend community.

Event contains mature or adult content.

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