September 6-15
Adapted by David Ives

Based on Le Menteur by Pierre Corneille

Mistaken identities, secrets, and blatant lies all play a role in this Restoration comedy. Dorante is incapable of telling the truth. Clinton is incapable of telling a lie. They are both in pursuit of women, who may or may not be who they think they are. All of these lies and misunderstandings eventually collide, leaving our heroes to navigate a tangled web of lies.

“Sometimes you just need to laugh, and with The Liar, that’s exactly what you’ll do.” – Entertainment Weekly


Cliton - Russell Pluta
Dorante - Bill Svelmoe
Geronte - Chad Hoefle
Alcippe - Brad Mazick
Philiste - Tony Venable
Lucrece - Grace Lazarz
Clarice - Allison Jones
Sabine/Isabelle - Shelly Overgaard

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