Audition Announcement: The Outsiders


Title of Show: The Outsiders


Based on The Outsiders, a bestselling 1967 novel written by S.E. Hinton, this play details the conflict between gangs divided by their social status: the working-class “Greasers” and the upper-class “Socials.” As tensions rise between the two gangs, a tragic death forces two members of the Greasers – Ponyboy and Johnny – to go into hiding. The Greasers struggle to process the consequences of their actions. While some seek redemption, others meet with a tragic end.

Director: April Sellers

Ages Called: Early teens-early 20s for Socs and Greasers; all ages for adult roles.




Tuesday, August 24 (6-9 PM) @ SBCT
Wednesday, August 23 (6-9 PM) @ SBCT

South Bend Civic Theatre
403 N. Main Street
South Bend, IN 



  • TBD


  • Preview: Thursday, October 20 @ 7:30pm
  • Shows: October
    • 21, 22; 28, 29 @ 7:30pm
    • 23; 30 @ 2:00pm

What to prepare

  • Cold read only. Auditioners do not need to prepare any material.

Additional Information

  • Auditioneers will sign in in the main lobby.

  • If offsite, will either meet at SBCT and walk, or enter through side door of church.
  • Will be expected to stay entire time/drop in
  • Must wear comfortable clothing and closed toe shoes (if musical with dance)



Ponyboy – Early teens. Our narrator. The youngest Greaser and youngest of three orphan brothers. Sensitive, smart, a dreamer. Idolizes Paul Newman in Cool Hand Luke and everything that character stands for. A natural loner, he finds true friendship with Johnny.

Johnny – Early teens. The smallest and most vulnerable of the Greasers, he is traumatized as a result of abuse at home and on the streets. He has found a family in the Greasers, of whom Ponyboy is his best friend.

Bob – Leader of the Socs. A cocky bully who comes from extreme privilege, and the captain of the football team, he refuses to take “no” for an answer. Can turn on the charm when it serves him. Cherry’s boyfriend.

Randy – A Soc; Bob’s second in command. Preppy, clean-cut, conflicted, a follower. Begins to question the social order and the constant violence of the gang wars in Tulsa.

Dallas “Dally” Winston – Early 20s; a Greaser. Tougher, colder, meaner than the rest of them. Brazen and single minded. A drifter and a lone wolf, he is an outsider even within a pack of outsiders. Falls for Cherry despite himself.

Two-Bit – Early 20s; a Greaser. A natural clown with an infectious sense of humor, nothing seems to bring him down. He is extremely loyal to the Greasers and to the Curtis family. Starts to fall for Marcia, one of the Soc girls.

Darry – 20, but looks older. The oldest of the orphaned Curtis brothers. Tough, cool, bright, and athletic, his once-promising future was ripped away from him when his parents died: he was forced to grow up fast, and took a job in roofing in order to provide for his two younger brothers, whom he raised. Protective, stern, and hardworking.

Sodapop – Mid-teens. The middle Curtis brother. Charismatic, exceptionally handsome, and a high school dropout, he now works at the local gas station. Ponyboy’s security blanket at home. Privately nursing a broken heart but hides it well and deflects so he doesn’t have to take anything too seriously.

Sandy – A Greaser girl. Despite a difficult home life, maintains a sweet disposition. Sodapop’s girlfriend; she loves him deeply.

Sherry “Cherry” Valance – A Soc girl. Bob’s girlfriend and captain of the cheerleading team. A dreamer. Confident, brave, assertive, and compassionate. Upon meeting the Greasers, she experiences an awakening and becomes sympathetic toward their plight, Ponyboy’s in particular. Falls in love with Dallas Winston.

Marcia – A Soc girl. Cherry’s best friend. One of the popular girls at school, she has a great sense of humor and starts to take an interest in Two-Bit, crossing the invisible lines drawn by society.

Mrs. O’Briant – A parent whose children are rescued from the church fire by Ponyboy and Johnny.

Jerry – A parent whose children are rescued from the church fire by Ponyboy and Johnny.



Hospital worker

Mr. Syme – Ponyboy’s English teacher.

Paul – Early 20s. A Soc. Husky, a former high school football player. Contemptuous of the Greasers. Fights dirty.


Questions? Reach out to the director!