A Little Night Music Auditions

Title of Show: A Little Night Music

Synopsis: Stephen Sondheim’s lush musical is set in a weekend country house in turn of the
century Sweden and brings together surprising liaisons, long simmering passions, and a
taste of love’s endless possibilities. Hailed as witty and wildly romantic, the story centers on
the elegant actress Desiree Armfeldt and the spider’s web of sensuality, intrigue, and desire
that surrounds her.
To further heighten the intimacy, A Little Night Music will be staged in the Warner Studio

Director: Jerry O’Boyle
Music Director: Becky Wilson
Choreographer: Carys Kresny

Ages Called: 14 to Adult



Tuesday, December 14th 6-9pm
Wednesday, December 15th  6-9pm
South Bend Civic Theatre: 403 N. Main Street, South Bend, IN 46617

WHAT TO PREPARE:  16 bars of a song of a similar style to the musical. An accompanist will be provided.

CALL BACKS: Thursday, December 15th


Rehearsals: Beginning January 17, 2022, Sunday-Thursday, 6:00pm-9:00pm


March 11- 27, 2022


Character Descriptions

Anne Egerman | Lyric ingenue, soprano to Ab5, giddy and virginal, naïve at times, a breathtakingly gorgeous child bride and Fredrick’s new wife, hidden passions, strong singer-actor.

Count Carl-Magnus Malcom | Strong lyric baritone to sustained F4, vain, arrogant, and splendidly proportioned but ferociously jealous, a military man used to being obeyed, he is Desiree’s newest lover, strong singer-actor.

Countess Charlotte Malcom | Alto/mezzo, G3 to solo C5, ensemble to E5, the Count’s mistreated and downtrodden wife, witty, melancholic, desperately in love with her philandering husband, strong actor-singer.

Desiree Armfeld | Female, 40-50, alto/mezzo, F#3 to solo B4, ensemble to E5, successful touring actress, independent,  alluring, glamorous, confident, used to running life her own way, she becomes entangled in a love triangle with the Count and Fredrick, strong actor-singer. 

Frederik Egerman | Baritone to E4, good with patter singing, middle-aged lawyer who is married to his second wife, Anne, and has a son, Henrik, from his first marriage, aristocratic, charming, honorable, conflicted, strong actor-singer.

Fredrika Armfeldt| Adolescent, mezzo to Eb5, standard musical theatre sound (not pop), piano  experience a plus, Desiree’s witty daughter who is very self-contained and formal with the precise diction of the convent-trained, raised by her grandmother, she is poised and inquisitive and comfortable around adults

Henrik Egerman | with the precise diction of the convent-trained, raised by her grandmother, she is poised and inquisitive and comfortable around adults

Madame Armfeldt | deep alto, C3 to F#4x Desiree’s elderly mother, brutally honest and a veteran of discreet encounters with the crowned heads of Europe, strong actor-singer

Petra | alto/mezzo, F#3 to F5, must have sustained belt to B4 (standard musical theatre belt, not pop), Anne’s earthy maid and closest confidante, confident and sexual, strong singer-actor

Ensemble | To be determined

Audition information


-Must wear comfortable clothing and closed toe shoes
-Cast will be required to be vaccinated in order to participate in the production


    Questions? Reach out to the director!