Acting auditions are cold readings (scenes/monologues) from the scripts. Musical auditions involve singing and dancing portions to their process. 

SBCT is committed to reflecting the diversity of the community by color-blind casting whenever possible (unless dictated by the particular script) and encourages and welcomes actors of all backgrounds to audition.



Audition Announcement: Finnegan’s Farewell

Finnegan's Farewell Title of Show: Finnegan's Farewell Synopsis: In the spirit of Riverdance and Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding, Finnegan’s Farewell features the best of Irish Dancing, music, and singing!  Come to an authentic Irish wake and pay your last respects to the...

Audition Announcement: Present Laughter

Present Laughter Title of Show: Present Laughter Synopsis: London. Gerry Essendine’s apartment. At the center of his own universe sits matinee idol Garry Essendine; suave, hedonistic and, according to his ex-wife too old to be having numerous affairs. Friendships and...

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