Aaron Nichols

Executive Director
cell: 574-333-4473

Jeffrey Barrick

Production Designer


Tatiana Botero

Engagement & Development Manager

Kirsten Campbell

Education Administrator

Jess Koscher

Development & Marketing Director

William Loring

Construction Manager


Jennifer Medich

Facility and Costume Shop Manager

Joshua Napierkowski

Education Director

Derrick Null

Technical Supervisor

Javier Oliveras


Loria Perez

Guest Services Manager

Jeremy Phillips

Director of Production

Michelle Reynolds

Director of Smiles and Happiness 


The South Bend Civic Theatre is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, which means we are governed by a Board of Directors.

Nonprofits are most effective when they are governed by a group of leaders who understand the impact of the nonprofit in its community. We are grateful to have an engaged Board of Directors who believe in the CIVIC’s mission and vision.

Thank you to our Board of Directors, who volunteer their time to ensure the CIVIC maintains a strong organizational structure and holds the theatre accountable.

Members of our Board of Directors serve in three-year terms, and each bring a valuable perspective, from experience in the arts to legal and financial backgrounds.


Kellye Mitros

Cecilia López Monterrosa

Brendan Noonan


Connie Chalko
Jack Champaigne
Michelle Engle
Janine Felder-Kahn
John Foegley
Austin Gammage
Elizabeth A. Klesmith
Barbara Phair
Vivian G. Sallie
April Sellers
Bill Svelmoe
Sarah M. Taylor
Bianca Tirado