Twelfth Night


By William Shakespeare

Secrets, love triangles, yearnings from afar, and mistaken identities abound when twins Viola and Sebastian are separated during a shipwreck. Come see what hilarity and heartache ensues when Viola disguises herself as a boy for protection and employment in William Shakespeare’s comic tale!


Audition/Callback location: South Bend Civic- 403 N. Main Street, South Bend, Indiana — Enter through front doors off Main Street




MONDAY, April 1 (6:00-9:00 PM) OR

TUESDAY, April 2 (6:00-9:00 PM)

South Bend Civic Theatre
403 N. Main Street
South Bend, IN 46601


WEDNESDAY April 3 (6:00PM) 


Rehearsals begin, Monday, April 22nd

Depending on cast availability and conflicts (we are willing to work with conflicts) rehearsals will take place:

MONDAY-THURSDAY 6:00pm-9:00pm and possible Saturdays if needed (April 22 – June 15th) 

Rehearsal locations will be at South Bend Civic Theatre and St. Joe Library in Downtown South Bend 

Tech Dates are June 17 – June 26, 2024



FRIDAY, June 28 (7:00 PM)

SATURDAY, June 29 (7:00 PM)

SUNDAY, June 30 (7:00 PM)

THURSDAY, July 11 (7:00 PM)

FRIDAY, July 12 (7:00 PM)

SATURDAY, July 13 (7:00 PM)

SUNDAY, July 14 (7:00 PM)


    What To Prepare

    Audition Requirements:

    For the in-person auditions, sides will be provided at auditions. Memorization is not required. We recommend wearing comfortable attire that allows for ease of movement.

    If you indicated that you cannot attend auditions and you plan to send a video submission by email, you can record yourself reading one of the four monologues provided at the bottom of the audition sign-up form; no memorization is required.


    Additional Information

    Audition/Callback location: South Bend Civic- 403 N. Main Street, South Bend, Indiana — Enter through main doors off Main Street


    Adults and high-school-age actors are welcome to audition. Most roles are open to a wide range of ages. Viola, Orsino, Olivia and Sebastian will likely be played by actors who are within a generation of one another or closer in age (probably landing somewhere in the range of 18-49)

    Orsino The Duke of Illyria and its ruler. At the opening of the comedy, he is desperately in love with Lady Olivia, who spurns his romantic overtures.

    Viola/Cesario After being shipwrecked, she disguises herself as a young boy, takes the name of Cesario, and attains a position in Duke Orsino’s household because of her wit and charm. As a boy, she is then used as an emissary from the duke to court Lady Olivia. Her twin brother, Sebastian, is later mistaken for Cesario.

    Lady Olivia She is a rich countess who, at first, plans to mourn her brother’s recent death for seven years, but when she meets the emissary Cesario (Viola disguised as a boy) from Duke Orsino, she immediately falls in love with the youth.

    Feste the Fool A clown, or jester, in the employ of Lady Olivia but prone to performing elsewhere as well; Feste plays with words, sings, and at one point has a conversation with themself in disguise as part of a trick played on Lady Olivia’s steward. (Auditioners who will be considered for this role will be asked to sing at Callbacks, and welcomed to play an instrument at Callbacks if they play one. Please see the “Singing experience” field of this form. Feste’s songs may largely be songs by The Beatles, but this is open to other approaches.)

    Sebastian The twin brother to Viola who is mistaken for Cesario when he (Sebastian) arrives in town. He meets Olivia and enters immediately into a marriage with her.

    Antonio A sea captain who aids and protects Sebastian; his pleas for help are ignored by Viola, who in her disguise is mistaken for her twin brother.

    Sir Toby Belch Lady Olivia’s uncle who lives with her and who is given to constant drinking bouts; he delights in playing tricks on others. (This role requires some singing, but it doesn’t have to be good singing; no singing experience necessary.)

    Sir Andrew Aguecheek A knight, described by others as a fool and a coward, who is encouraged by Sir Toby to continue courting Lady Olivia because as long as he courts Lady Olivia, Sir Toby can gull him out of enough money to continue the nightly drinking bouts. (This role requires minimal singing and some dancing, but it doesn’t have to be good singing or dancing; no singing or dancing experience necessary.)

    Malvolio Lady Olivia’s steward who also has fantasies that Lady Olivia might someday marry him. He is opposed to Sir Toby’s drinking bouts, and, thus, he becomes the object of one of Sir Toby’s elaborate tricks.

    Maria Lady Olivia’s waiting woman; she is clever and arranges the trick to be played on Malvolio.

    Fabian A servant in Lady Olivia’s house who, having lost favor with Lady Olivia because of Malvolio, joins in the trick played on Malvolio. 

    Curio and Valentine Two gentlemen who attend Duke Orsino.

    A Musician in Orsino’s court who plays an instrument. (Auditioners who will be considered for this role will be asked to bring an instrument to Callbacks to play for us; please see the “musical instrument” field of this form. This role has no speaking lines but may be doubled with a speaking role if the performer is interested. The musician’s songs may largely be songs by The Beatles, but this is open to other approaches.)

    A Sea Captain, Priest, Officers and other characters that will be doubled together and/or by the performers playing some of the roles described above.

    Singing and/or the playing of instruments is welcome for performers cast in any role, but only required if noted above (in particular, singing required for Feste the Fool, and playing an instrument required for the musician in Orsino’s court). Please see the “musical instrument” and “singing experience” fields of this form; auditioners may be asked to play their instrument or sing at Callbacks if they express that they have experience in these skills.


    Mark Pajor